Eco Wave Power unveils plans for wave energy project in Greece

Swedish-Israeli company Eco Wave Power has presented its plans to develop a 1MW wave energy project on the island of Halki in Greece.

Eco Wave Power’s wave energy floaters (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)
Eco Wave Power’s wave energy floaters (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)
Eco Wave Power’s wave energy floaters (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)

The plan, presented by the company’s CEO Inna Braverman at the annual Israel-Greece Conference, foresees the development of 1MW wave energy plant, in combination with solar and wind energy power plants with similar capacity.

The move is in line with the island’s goal of becoming 100% green and renewable – the first of several islands to be transformed by the Greek government as part of the GR-Eco project, which provides the islands with renewable energy sources, making them independent of the national grid.

EU’s program New Energy Solutions Optimized for Island (NESOI) is providing funding for Eco Wave Power’s feasibility study in the island, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, Braverman said.

Angelos Fragakis, mayor of the island of Halki, said: “Halki Island is constantly looking for new energy solutions. Eco Wave Power’s use of wave technology is a prime example of why GR-Eco was formed: to foster new technology that can help each island in Greece be self-sustained and help do our part in the global fight against climate change.”

Braverman added: “Calcalist’s Israel-Greece Conference was an incredible experience and a wonderful opportunity to share with leaders from Israel and Greece the innovative opportunities available right here on our shores.

“Being surrounded by innovative thought leaders and professionals who are constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible was inspiring, and after everything I heard during the conference, I am excited about the future of energy, the future of this part of the world and the future of our entire planet.”

Eco Wave Power’s commercialization plan includes its EWP-EDF One project in Israel, currently under construction, which is co-funded by the Israeli Energy Ministry, and EDF Renewables IL.

The company is also planning its first project in the United States, on the AltaSea premises in the Port of Los Angeles, to be followed by commercial-scale projects in Spain, Portugal and other locations in its 327.7MW projects pipeline.

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