Governor of California signs wave and tidal energy bill into law

California governor Gavin Newsom has signed SB 605 wave and tidal energy bill into law, marking a significant step forward in bringing a new renewable energy resource to the state and further solidifying California’s commitment to a sustainable and clean energy future.

Illustration/The submerged CalWave’s x1 wave energy device (Courtesy of CalWave Power Technologies)

The legislation calls for an extensive study and assessment of wave and tidal energy potential off California’s 840-mile coastline. The bill unanimously passed in both the California State Senate and Assembly.

The bill – introduced by senator Steve Padilla (D-San Diego) and sponsored by AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles – directs the California Energy Commission to work with various state agencies and stakeholders to assess the feasibility, costs, and potential of deploying wave and tidal energy technology across California’s coastline.

“Ocean energy is one of the largest untapped sources of renewable energy, and California is now well-positioned to harness that energy and accelerate our transition to 100% clean energy while creating high-paying jobs. I thank Governor Newsom for signing this important legislation into law,” said senator Padilla.

AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, a 35-acre ocean technology campus, is the primary sponsor of the legislation. AltaSea will soon be home to some of California’s first wave energy pilot stations, including Eco Wave Power’s first US onshore wave energy pilot station – the first of its kind built in the United States. AltaSea has also established a coalition of over 30 wave and tidal energy companies to help showcase its potential in California.

Terry Tamminen, president and CEO of AltaSea, said: “We are grateful that Governor Newsom recognized the vast potential of wave and tidal energy in meeting California’s goals for renewable energy and promoting economic growth through the blue economy. We are incredibly proud to have sponsored this landmark legislation, and we look forward to working with the California Energy Commission and our partners to showcase the viability of wave energy.”

Eco Wave Power’s upcoming pilot station at AltaSea comes on the heels of the company’s power station at the Port of Jaffa in Tel Aviv being officially connected to Israel’s energy grid.

“California leads the way on climate initiatives, and SB 605 further demonstrates the state’s leadership across the world,” said Eco Wave Power’s founder & CEO Inna Braverman.

California has established 2045 as its deadline to achieve a carbon-free energy grid. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a federally funded research & development center sponsored by the US Department of Energy, found that wave and tidal energy has the technical feasibility to supply 30 percent of the nation’s energy needs. The NREL report also found that California’s outer continental shelf has the potential wave energy resources to power 13 million homes.

Welcoming the announcement, CEO of California-based wave energy company CalWave Power Technologies, Marcus Lehmann, said: “CalWave applauds the progress of SB 605 supporting our vision to unlock the power of ocean waves for California ratepayers. We are looking forward to supporting the proposed work with the findings of our San Diego-based long duration open ocean pilot. As a California founded and based business, we see a great opportunity for the state to jump start this promising industry for local and global communities’ path to fully clean energy security.”

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