Hands full for TGS in North Sea

Hands full for TGS in North Sea

Oslo-headquartered TGS has secured an ocean bottom node (OBN) data acquisition contract in the North Sea for a repeat customer.

Source: TGS

The three-month proprietary OBN data acquisition is set to begin in the second quarter of 2024.

TGS did not reveal any other information about the work scope or the contract, but did state that the project is for a “major energy customer”.

The news comes almost a week after TGS announced the completion of the imaging phase for the priority area of its NOAKA OBN multi-client seismic survey in the Norwegian North Sea.

The company said it had applied its proprietary OBN processing and imaging technology, including dynamic matching full-waveform inversion (DM/FWI), to this data, creating a high-quality 3D volume that will enhance the resolution and structural definition of the complex geology and reservoirs in the region.

The NOAKA OBN survey was acquired over two seasons in 2021-2022 and comprises 434 square kilometers of multi-client OBN data. Processing has now been completed over a priority area of 198 square kilometers.

In terms of other recent news coming from the company, TGS earlier this month won a contract for proprietary OBN data acquisition in the Gulf of Mexico.

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