HH2E and Siemens Energy forge green hydrogen ties

German companies HH2E and Siemens Energy have partnered up to address the future green energy needs of HH2E, focusing specifically on the provision of high-voltage systems, power transformers and beyond, essential for the operation of HH2E’s large-scale green hydrogen production units across Germany.

Courtesy of HH2E

Commenting on the partnership, HH2E mentioned its HH2E-Werk green hydrogen production facilities (e.g. the pipeline for Lubmin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Thierbach in Saxony) that are set to commence operations with an initial capacity of 100 MW input power. HH2E said that this capacity is not only aimed at producing a substantial 7,000 tons of green hydrogen annually but is also designed with scalability in mind, with the potential to expand up to 1 GW capacity.

According to HH2E, at the heart of its approach is a unique technology mix that combines electrolyzers with high-capacity batteries, hence the compatibility of need on HH2E’s side and the offering provided by Siemens Energy.

HH2E claimed its strategy to maximize the use of this curtailed power underscores its commitment to transforming these otherwise lost green electrons into a powerful force for the production of green hydrogen, adding: “Furthermore, the HH2E facilities are poised to contribute to the local communities by supplying green heat to district heating networks in nearby urban areas, showcasing a holistic approach to green energy production – and a great opportunity for Siemens Energy to plant their technological know-how.”

HH2E noted that the cooperation between the two parties is “remarkable as it transcends the traditional buyer-supplier relationship, embodying a forward-looking endeavour that aims to foster long-term cooperation and growth, understanding the supplier’s expertise and the buyer’s tasks.”

“The collaboration is expected to yield highly modular and innovative solutions, setting new benchmarks in the industry and demonstrating the transformative potential of strategic partnerships in driving progress and achieving sustainability goals.”