Høglund systems help power world’s largest ethane carrier

Norwegian integrated automation and energy specialist Høglund Marine Solutions has delivered an automation and control system for the Pacific Ineos Belstaff, the world’s largest ethane carrier.

Pacific Ineos Belstaff. Courtesy of Pacific Gas
Pacific Ineos Belstaff. Courtesy of Pacific Gas

During the project, Høglund designed an integrated automation system with a ship performance monitor and a customised control system.

According to the company, the technology was created to support Babcock LGE’s cargo handling system (CHS) and fuel gas supply system (FGSS) for the vessel and it was completed in 18 months.

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Høglund said that the priority was to develop a good interface and integration logic, to handle the complex gas handling operations designed by Babcock LGE in a safe and reliable manner.

Duy Chau Do, Høglund’s senior project manager, explained that most of the groundwork was laid in early 2021 with an early design of an overarching integrated automation and power management system.

“A smooth and solid collaboration between the Jiangnan shipyard, shipowner Pacific Gas, Babcock LGE and Høglund was vital to achieving success for a project of this scope and complexity”, Duy Chau Do added.

Constructed in Jiangnan, China and operated by Pacific Gas, the Pacific Ineos Belstaff is the first of four 99,000 cmb carriers fitted with type B tanks that allow optimisation of vessel capacity, fitting closely to the external shape of the vessel.

This very large ethane carrier (VLEC) type is classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and China Classification Society (CCS).

Pacific Ineos Belstaff is equipped with a dual-fuel main engine and a shaft generator that can use ethane as a fuel.

Launched in September 2020, the vessel is designed for long-haul ethane transportation but can also handle other liquified gas cargoes such as LPG and ethylene.

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