Hydrogen organizations from Vietnam and Japan agree to collaborate

Vietnam ASEAN Hydrogen Club (VAHC) and Japan Hydrogen Association (JH2A) have signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding (MoU).

Couertsy of Vietnam ASEAN Hydrogen Club (VAHC)

According to VAHC, the MoU proposes the exchange of information between the organizations on an ongoing basis and in conjunction with established committees or working groups.

Specifically, the MoU proposes the following (but not limited to) information-sharing areas and mechanisms:

  • participating in committees, working groups and industry events as appropriate,
  • sharing reports, educational materials and lessons learned, and
  • exchanging information on government policies and regulations related to the hydrogen sector.

To note, VAHC is a private club that aims to create a formal playground for policy makers, scientists, researchers, project developers, financial investors and donors on climate change to shape into a hydrogen community in Vietnam, the South and the ASEAN region.

As for JH2A, the organization said it aims to realize a hydrogen society, noting that it wants to continue discussions with various stakeholders on the main directions of future strategies to support this goal.

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