CSV Normand Superior; Source: Solstad Offshore

More time for Solstad’s subsea vessel with Ocean Infinity

Norwegian offshore vessel owner Solstad Offshore has secured a contract extension with Ocean Infinity for one of its construction support vessels (CSVs).

CSV Normand Superior; Source: Solstad Offshore

Solstad Offshore revealed a contract extension for the CSV Normand Superior on 1 September 2023. Thanks to this, the vessel’s assignment with Ocean Infinity has been extended until 1Q 2026. However, the company has two more optional years at its disposal to prolong the contract.

While Solstad did not disclose any financial details about this deal, the vessel owner did point out that the terms are in line with present market conditions for this type of vessel. The 2017-built CSV Normand Superior is of Vard 3 17 design and can accommodate 85 people.

This extension comes only a day after Solstad Offshore announced a new batch of contracts for six vessels in its fleet. Five of these ships are anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels while the sixth one is a CSV.

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Following restructuring, the Norwegian vessel owner has no platform supply vessels (PSVs) in its fleet, since it sold all 37 of them to Tidewater.