New Japan-UK partnership eyes green hydrogen and derivatives projects

Electric Power Development (J-POWER), a power generation company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and Yamna, a green hydrogen and derivatives developer and investor registered in London, UK, have signed an agreement for the joint development and investment in green hydrogen and derivatives projects.

Specifically, the parties agreed to jointly develop and invest in green hydrogen projects worldwide, which are either based on Yamna’s existing pipeline or additional projects to be jointly originated.

Based on the agreed collaboration framework, the parties will establish specific agreements for any project they jointly engage in.

According to the companies, this partnership stems from a period of collaborative development efforts on green hydrogen projects and the two parties’ working relationship.

Hiroyasu Sugiyama, J-POWER’s Executive Vice President, commented: “We are glad to collaborate and develop jointly with Yamna… Hydrogen is an important technology in enabling decarbonization worldwide. We hope to bring back what we learn from our activities to contribute to achievement of carbon neutrality.”

Abdelaziz Yatribi, Yamna’s Chief Executive Officer, added: “We have found in J-POWER an excellent partner with complementary attributes, and are looking forward to announcing exciting common projects news very soon.”

To note, J-POWER is a power generation company aiming to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. To achieve this goal, the company said it is planning to steadily replace coal-fired power plants with CO2-free hydrogen and ammonia power generation ones.

As for Yamna, the company is said to be engaged in the identification and development of several green hydrogen and derivatives projects.

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