Photo: NKT Victoria. Source: NKT

NKT Victoria paces ahead with cable laying for Shetland HVDC link

NKT Victoria has completed cable laying works for the Shetland HVDC Link as part of the first cable installation campaign which begins at Noss Head, North of Wick.

The trenching vessel, Grand Canyon III, has also completed trenching the cable to the required burial depth in the seabed as part of Campaign 1.

For sections that cannot be trenched, rock placement will be undertaken by vessels Heimdal R and Rockpiper in the nearshore area to achieve the required protection.

The rock placement works will also be completed in two campaigns. Heimdal R is currently on site and is set to complete the rock placement by the end of November, while Rockpiper is expected to begin the works by the end of October, with completion expected by January.

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The Shetland link will be the first transmission connection between the Scottish mainland and the island of Shetland.

NKT landed the €235 million contract from SSEN Transmission in the summer of 2020 to deliver and install an interconnector to the Shetland HVDC link project.

Subsea cable installation started on 23 June. The plan is to have the project completed by 2024.

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