Oceaneering Completes Australian IMR Project

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Oceaneering completed a challenging Australian IMR (Inspection, Maintenance and Repair) campaign within 3 months that included inspecting an unpiggable in-service pipeline and repairing a second pipeline using a custom diverless solution.

Oceaneering Completes Australian IMR Project

To meet the schedule, a team of experts in inspection, remotely operated vehicles, installation and pipeline repair combined their experience to fully integrate a solution.

To inspect an “unpiggable” pipeline, Oceaneering’s tethered, self-propelled pipe intruders would normally be used. In this case, the non-linear nature of the alignment joints precluded this approach. The Asset Integrity group proposed Neptune, a proprietary ROV-deployed ultrasonic inspection system instead. Neptune is an external inspection system which clamps around a pipeline without interrupting production. Neptune easily delivers the high resolution wall thickness mapping the client required, including fine scan readings to 1mm x 1mm.

Pipeline Repair Solved

A pipeline generating a large temperature gradient required an ROV installed diverless solution. By converting an off-the-shelf diver installed clamp to an ROV installable one with a thermal compensation system included, the fabrication cycle of manufacturing was reduced to 7 weeks.

Testing the ROV installable clamp
Testing the ROV installable clamp

For the installation phase, the standard water jet coating removal process lacked the precision the client desired. Oceaneering’s Australian tooling group designed and built a new self-contained coating removal tool that uses two high-pressure jetting heads which travel 360 degrees axially along the full length of the pipe in a controlled coating removal process. They dubbed the tool the “Master Blaster”.

To meet the strict 3-5 day window reserved for executing the tasks on a vessel of opportunity, all equipment and personnel were managed through centralized coordination. All the challenges were overcome and the project was successfully executed on schedule.

Press Release, April 16, 2014; Image: Oceaneering

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