Peru Authorizes Atmocean’s Wave Energy Project

The Peruvian Navy has officially signed off on permitting which grants US wave energy developer Atmocean a one-year license to demonstrate its wave energy technology in Ilo, a coastal city in southern Peru.

Atmocean will deploy a system consisting of five connected seawater pumps by early June, leading to the potential installation of full commercial systems by the end of 2015.

The Atmocean system operates by sending pressurized seawater to onshore turbines to generate power, or to provide desalinated fresh water.

Chris White, Atmocean’s Project Manager, said: “Peru has shown great leadership here. With over 2,400km of coastline, most of which has great wave action, the potential market size for this renewable energy source is huge and it does not begin to cover the story of Chile located to the south.” White also stressed the importance the permit conveys in establishing Latin America as a leading market for wave energy applications, including desalination and renewable power.

Atmocean CEO Phil Kithil said this broader range of products will allow Atmocean to serve a range of community needs. “With power and fresh water, we’ll have the ability to serve municipalities, agriculture, and industry, creating jobs without using fossil fuels, and securing a sustainable way of life for years to come.”

The company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, has set up a Peruvian subsidiary as a vote of confidence in the opportunity available in Latin America and Peru.

Image: Atmocean