Prosafe vessel kicks off its Gulf of Mexico assignment

Offshore accommodation provider Prosafe has revealed that one of its semi-submersible vessels recently started its new contract with an undisclosed company in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Safe Concordia; Source: Prosafe

The vessel owner got a letter of award (LOA) in September 2022 to provide accommodation and construction support using the Safe Concordia unit in the Gulf of Mexico. The contract for the work covered by the LOA was inked the following month.

At the time, the contract was expected to start within a window of July through October 2023 and take 330 days with up to 6 months of options. The commencement window, which was July through September 2023, was later amended to 1 August through 15 August 2023.

After the Safe Concordia unit departed from Curaçao and was en route to the Gulf of Mexico, the start window for the contract was narrowed further to 5 August through 10 August 2023. The combined mobilisation costs and capex were estimated to be within the previously communicated range and approximately $30 million.

According to Prosafe, the Safe Concordia vessel started the firm contract period of 330 days with up to 6 months of options on 9 August 2023 with – what the company deems to be – a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico.

Reese McNeel, Prosafe’s interim CEO, commented: “Prosafe is exceptionally pleased that the upgrades and preparations conducted on the Safe Concordia have been successfully completed and that the vessel commenced the contract within the scheduled mobilisation window. I am confident that both vessel and crew will perform at the highest level ensuring safe and efficient operations throughout the duration of contract.”

Safe Concordia is a DP2 semi-submersible ASV with 389 (461 with ALQ) beds for worldwide operations excluding Norway. The vessel was constructed at Keppel FELS shipyard in Singapore and delivered in March 2005. An upgrade was completed in July 2015.