Photo: OSCV Siem Stingray (Courtesy of Siem Offshore)

Siem Offshore lands more offshore wind deals

Shipping company Siem Offshore has won a contract for its offshore subsea construction vessel (OSCV) Siem Barracuda in South East Asia.

The company did not reveal details about the client but did say that the vessel will undertake subsea preparatory work required for the construction of a new offshore wind farm.

As disclosed, the contract will keep Siem Barracuda utilised for five months plus options. It will commence around the end of the year following the completion of the vessel’s current contract in the same region.

Furthermore, the company’s OSCV Siem Stingray has received an extension of two months on its current contract. The extension comes before undertaking a battery power installation, which is said to be one of Siem’s several measures for reducing the environmental footprint.

Upon completion of the battery installation, the vessel will be mobilized for the contract announced in July this year that will keep Siem Stingray utilised until Q4 2022 plus options within the UK offshore wind market.

Recently, Siem Offshore secured two deals in the offshore wind sector for its multi-purpose support vessel (MPSV) Siem Dorado as well.

The first contract, revealed on 11 November, included the subsea development part for the undisclosed offshore wind project, set to begin during Q1 2022.

Similarly, the scope of the second contract, announced on 26 November, covers the subsea development phase for a new offshore wind farm and had already commenced, the company said.

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