Solstad CSV to support West Africa subsea ops

Solstad Offshore has secured a contract with an undisclosed client for the construction support vessel (CSV) Normand Energy.

CSV Normand Energy (Source: Solstad Offshore)

The construction vessel, which features 250 tonnes active heave compensated crane and a working deck of 2,000 m2, will support subsea operations in West Africa.

The contract will commence in Q3 2021 and have a firm duration of 13 months, the company informed.

CSV Normand Energy (Source: Solstad Offshore)

At the beginning of the year, Normand Energy was hired for a five-month period to support a project for a client in the Pacific Ocean, including mobilisation and demobilisation.

In June, Solstad won a contract with DeepOcean for its CSV Normand Ocean to be utilized on DeepOcean’s inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) and light construction projects in the North Sea.

Most recently, the company secured a deal with Havfram, formerly known as Ocean Installer, for the CSV Normand Vision.

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