Solstad keeps CSVs busy with new contracts

Norwegian shipowner Solstad Offshore has secured two term contracts for its medium sized construction support vessels (CSVs).

CSV Normand Baltic (Courtesy of Solstad Offshore)

Under the first contract, Fugro Netherlands Marine chartered the CSV Normand Mermaid for a period of 16 months firm. The contract will commence in December 2021.

CSV Normand Mermaid (Courtesy of Solstad Offshore)

The second contract is related to the CSV Normand Baltic, which is currently operating in Taiwan where it is supporting offshore wind projects.

According to Solstad, the present client on Normand Baltic exercised the option to extend the contract for another eight months to July 2022 with further 90 days options thereafter.

CSV Normand Baltic (Courtesy of Solstad Offshore)

The new contracts come shortly after the company landed a contract with MMT Sweden for the CSV Far Superior. Additionally, the CSV Normand Samson had been booked by a major oil service company for a field development project in South America.

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