Veripos Upgrades Its Global Network of GNSS Reference Stations

VERIPOS, a provider of satellite positioning solutions to the international offshore and marine industries, is concluding the upgrade of its entire global network of GNSS reference stations with high performance multi frequency GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou receivers from Septentrio.

Veripos Upgrades Its Global Network of GNSS Reference Stations

VERIPOS owns and operates a network of over 80 reference stations worldwide that is used to determine estimates of the orbit and clock errors of multiple GNSS satellite constellations. VERIPOS uses these estimates to calculate corrections which are then broadcast to end users to significantly improve the accuracy of positioning. At the heart of the network is Septentrio PolaRx4, a fully featured reference receiver that provides high-quality tracking and measurement of all available and upcoming GNSS signals.

The upgrade of the VERIPOS global network of reference stations with the latest Septentrio reference receiver technology is another outcome of the multi-year collaboration between the two companies. Septentrio also supplies VERIPOS with multi-frequency GNSS and heading receivers for their marine business including the LD series of integrated mobile units which deliver the complete range of VERIPOS augmentation services to its customers world-wide.

“Septentrio reference stations are renowned for their excellent data-quality and robustness,” commented Bobby Johnson, Chief Technical Officer of VERIPOS. “Septentrio technology enables us to provide a full range of services and to remotely manage and upgrade the hardware to enhanced features, which is crucial for managing a worldwide reference network, where the equipment is often not easily accessible.”

“We are delighted to see continued positive outcome from the technical and commercial relationship we have established with VERIPOS over the years and that has developed into Septentrio enabling VERIPOS to deliver a variety of solutions with high-quality and robust industrial performance everywhere on the globe to the benefit of a multitude of users in one of the most demanding industries,” said Jan Van Hees, head of sales and business development at Septentrio.

VERIPOS, March 11, 2014


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