VIDEO: Nautronix Enhances NASNet for Subsea Positioning Requirements

VIDEO Nautronix Enhances NASNet for Subsea Positioning Requirements

Since the initial launch of NASNet®, Nautronix has continued to invest in enhancing the system with a further £2M spend in completing the MKII Developments, with additional features added.

Enhanced Buoy tracking functionINS IntegrationNASNet® DPR / FPR – for dynamically positioned vessels and FPSO riser monitoringUpgraded USER interface – ICISVTrx (NASNet® ROV Transceiver) – Simple to interface but providing full command and control of NASNet® arrays, as well as high update ROV positioningHiPAP interface to allow USBL box-in of NASNet® Stations.

Nautronix NASNet® is likened to an ‘underwater GPS’ system, and is the ideal subsea positioning and navigational solution. As a broadcast-only system, NASNet® provides reliable positioning, reduced vessel times for high-quality data updates throughout the water column to the sea floor, regardless of working depths. Previous successes for NASNet® include installation in the Frade field in Brazil for Chevron and on the Cascade Chinook field in the Gulf of Mexico, for Petrobras Americas. The system provides major benefits over traditional LBL arrays on deep-water projects, including substantial savings on installation vessel time.

NASNet® DPR (Dynamic Positioning Reference) uses the benefits of the NASNet® broadcast technique to provide an acoustic position reference ideally suited to deep water dynamic positioning. The system combines state-of-the-art technology used by NASNet® for subsea positioning, with the experience and track record of Nautronix acoustic DP reference systems, and can be used either with a pre-installed wide area NASNet® seabed network, or by installing a small array of NASNet® Mini Stations around the vessel or rig to provide a localised position reference.

Press Release, May 23, 2013