Artemis Technologies: Construction progresses on first electric foiling passenger ferry

The construction of Artemis Technologies’ EF-24 passenger ferry, a world-first in high-speed electric maritime transport, is rapidly progressing, the UK-based maritime design and applied technologies company said.

Courtesy of Artemis Technologies

This vessel is said to mark ‘a significant leap forward’ in tackling the challenge of reducing maritime emissions.

Developed to meet the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) High-Speed Craft Code, the Artemis EF-24 Passenger has been designed to help balance the requirement for people to continue to move around with the need to reduce carbon emissions. With its advanced technology, the 100% electric foiling ferry is expected to allow cities across the globe to utilize previously untapped waterways, address congestion and reduce harmful emissions.

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As part of the company’s ambitious effort to offer more environmentally friendly transportation options to water-based communities and economies worldwide, the Artemis EF-24 Passenger is a flagship project amongst several foiling vessels that operate with zero emissions while offering significant cost savings for operators over the lifespan of the vessel.

“Today, we are another step closer to our mission of delivering a sustainable maritime future. We are proud to demonstrate to the world that we can decarbonise, decongest, and revolutionise urban transportation, offering cheaper, less disruptive, and more enjoyable ways to travel. This progress underscores the possibility of real, meaningful change, addressing the challenge of reducing global greenhouse gases,” Iain Percy OBE, Artemis Technologies’ CEO, commented.

Earlier this year, Artemis Technologies sold a 100% electric foiling workboat to Denmark. The vessel will be the first of its kind in Denmark and is expected to be in service from summer 2024.

Back in 2022, the company launched what it claimed to be ‘the world’s first’ commercially viable, fully electric foiling workboat.