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Cyclades interconnection phase four launches cabling call

The fourth phase of the Cyclades Interconnection project is advancing with cabling tender for Santorini – Naxos power link now up for grabs.

It includes the design, supply and installation of a simple installation of underground and underwater cables of 150kV AC circuit, for the interconnection of Santorini with the National Electricity Transmission System (ESMIE) on the island of Naxos.

The fourth phase of the project will also see interconnection of the islands of Folegandros, Milos and Serifos.

The project has an estimated value of 100 million euros excluding VAT and the contracting authority is IPTO.

Final call to apply has been set for 29 January 2021.

The tender will go electronically, through the “sourceONE” system of electronic tenders of the company cosmoONE on behalf of A.D.M.I.E.

The fourth phase should wrap up in 2023-2024 with the estimated cost of about 380 million euros.

Cyclades Interconnection

The project development has four phases. The first phase, which connects the island of Mykonos with the mainland, includes the connection of Syros island with Lavrio (on the Greek mainland), and with the island of Tinos, as well as the Syros–Paros and Syros–Mykonos connections.

The second phase includes the installation of submarine cables between Naxos-Mykonos and Naxos-Paros, as well as the construction of a closed type substation (GIS) in Naxos.

It also includes the upgrade of the existing cable connection of Evia – Andros and Andros – Tinos, completed in early 2020.

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The third phase entails a second underwater cable linking Lavrio with Syros.

The fourth and final stage of the power interconnection of the islands of Cyclades includes connecting the islands of the South and West Cyclades, such as Serifos, Milos and Santorini.