DOF continues its winning streak with Petrobras with two new contracts

Norwegian vessel owner DOF Group has added more work to its to-do list for Brazilian oil and gas giant Petrobras by securing two new long-term contracts.

Skandi Niterói. Source: DOF

The Brazil-built and flagged 142.2-meter-long pipelay support vessel (PLSV) Skandi Niterói has been given a three-year firm plus option contract, deemed as “major”, set to begin in 2025. The vessel is owned by DOFCON Navegação Ltda., a joint venture between DOF Subsea (50%) and TechnipFMC (50%).

In addition, the anchor handling support vessel (AHTS) Skandi Botafogo, currently contracted by Petrobras until Q1 2025, has secured a “very large contract” for four years firm plus a one-year option that will commence in sequence to the current contract.

This vessel is also Brazilian-built and flagged. Prior to commencement, the vessel will have a work class ROV rated 3,000 meters installed on board delivering an AHTS 180t BP + ROV for the same tender as Skandi Amazonas and Skandi Rio.

Mons S. Aase, CEO of DOF Group, said: “We are thrilled to announce both another award for our PLSV fleet in Brazil and the AHTS contract, which builds backlog into the 2nd quarter of 2029. These long-term awards demonstrate our unique position in Brazil.”

DOF and Petrobras signed three new service contracts worth more than $260 million in September 2023 under which DOF is in charge of providing survey and inspection work to Petrobras.

In April, DOF secured two contracts with the Brazilian company, putting Skandi Amazonas and Skandi Rio to work.

The Norwegian company added more work for Petrobras earlier this month after having won a contract for the 142-meter-long PLSV Skandi Vitória. This vessel is also owned by the joint venture of DOF Subsea and TechnipFMC.

In terms of other recent news coming from the firm, DOF won a new award with compatriot Equinor for the delivery of inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) services for a duration of up to three years firm, plus three annual options.