Oceaneering enters deal to advance inspection solutions

Oceaneering has formed a collaboration agreement with German firm InnetiQs to explore and develop advanced inspection solutions for the offshore and onshore energy markets.


The agreement combines IQ’s inspection technologies for subsea pipelines, risers, and structural assets with Oceaneering’s global operations and ability to provide inspection and cleaning methods that lessen exposure risks to personnel.

Work is underway to help evolve the development of IQ’s Splash Zone Scanner which combines multiple inspection methods and cleaning capability into a single scanning system.

Andreas Bonisch, CEO of InnetiQs, said: “We are excited to work with Oceaneering to build up a unique synergy to expand and deliver next generation advanced technology solutions that meet client needs, cover current inspection gaps, and make inspections less complex, more efficient, and more robust. This will ultimately enable clients to have more confidence in plant integrity and its fitness for purpose.”

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According to Eric Heuring, sr. director for Integrity Management and Digital Solutions at Oceaneering, the collaboration will improve processes and capabilities and provide an avenue for enhanced inspection applications in all major regions from topsides, subsea, and the splash zone.

“Combining IQ’s advanced technologies with Oceaneering’s global operations and integrated service capabilities amongst business segments, including Integrity Management, Subsea Robotics and Offshore Projects, allows us to provide our clients with enhanced services to help better manage asset health,” Heuring said.

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