Seismic trio welcomes new partner to unified multi-client data ecosystem

Seismic trio welcomes new partner to unified multi-client data ecosystem

Schlumberger has joined Versal, a unified multi-client seismic data ecosystem that seismic players PGS, TGS and CGG launched last year.

Image for illustrative purposes. Source: Schlumberger

Versal is said to be an independent, secure, cloud-based, multi-client seismic data ecosystem where energy companies can easily access all their data and entitlements in one place.

As explained, the system allows exploration and production teams to capitalize on their interpretation and analysis workflows for subsurface projects by leveraging a seamless licensed data experience that takes minutes rather than days, enabling maximum efficiency and opportunity generation.

“We are very pleased by Schlumberger’s decision to join Versal. They have a significant multi-client data library, and combining it with the seismic multi-client libraries of PGS, TGS and CGG makes Versal an even more important vendor-neutral cloud-based common ecosystem for multi-client data. We are proud and excited by Versal becoming a successful industry-wide digitalization initiative,” said Nathan Oliver, EVP Sales & Services at PGS.  

PGS, TGS and CGG created Versal in 2020 and launched in 2021 to provide a vendor-neutral, single point of access to the largest multi-client data libraries.

“What makes Versal unique is that it is customer-centric with the aim to ensure that E&P teams have access to the most accurate information, all in one place, to make the best exploration decisions,” said Jan Schoolmeesters, EVP of Digital Energy Solutions at TGS.   

“And by adding Schlumberger’s multi-client data library to Versal, we are now able to offer the industry a robust and collaborative solution to explore and evaluate virtually all global multi-client data. We look forward to our continued partnership with CGG, PGS and Schlumberger as we evolve this ecosystem.”

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