Two companies join Aquarius Innovation Forum

Japanese companies NittoSeiko and Sunflame have joined the Aquarius Innovation Forum, a dynamic and collaborative platform that emerged from Eco Marine Power’s research project collaboration initiatives.

Illustration; Image credit Eco Marine Power

Eco Marine Power, an internationally focused technology company based in Fukuoka, Japan, develops renewable energy-based fuel-saving and emission-reduction solutions for ships.

The company is developing various solutions to help the industry decarbonize including rigid sails marine-grade solar panels and energy storage modules.

The Aquarius Innovation Forum seeks to drive innovation and advancement within the maritime industry, spearheading the adoption of sustainable energy solutions, enhancing vessel efficiency through cutting-edge devices, streamlining operations through automation and data-driven insights, and optimizing overall management processes for heightened effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

The forum members exchange ideas and information across a range of topics related to reducing vessel emissions, lowering fuel consumption, and improving energy efficiency plus engage in discussions covering a wide range of topics including decarbonization, energy transition, alternative fuels & emerging new propulsion technologies.

NittoSeiko with its head office in Kyoto, Japan, offers a wide range of fuel flow meters for maritime applications & Sunflame also with its head office in Kyoto, is a leading manufacturer of combustion technology for marine use with its rotary cup burner and control technology. Both companies will join online meetings, seminars & technology presentations for ship owners & ship managers as well as taking part in study projects.

Several joint research & development projects are also underway.

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