Nova Innovation puts on pause its tidal energy project in Wales

Tidal energy company Nova Innovation has decided to scale back its Enlli tidal energy project off the Llyn Peninsula, in Wales.

Nova Innovation’s tidal energy array concept (Courtesy of Nova Innovation)

Owing to a range of site-specific factors, including revenue support limitations and grid and cable routing constraints, the project will be scaled down from March 2023.

Nova Innovation said that the issues identified mean it is not economically viable to develop a project there.

The tidal energy company has pointed out that any future strengthening of the grid on the Llyn Peninsula could make the project more viable and offer significant opportunities for local regeneration.

Nova Innovation secured funding from the Welsh Government for environmental consenting and developing the technical design of its Enlli tidal energy project in 2020.

The project envisaged the installation of five 100 kW turbines on the seabed in Bardsey Sound off the Llyn Peninsula, Wales.

The aim of the project was to generate electricity from the natural ebb and flow of the tide by installing five 100 kW turbines between Ynys Enlli – ‘The Island in the Currents’ – and the mainland of the Llŷn Peninsula.

From most recent company-related news it is worth noting that Nova Innovation doubled the size of its Shetland Tidal Array with the installation of two new turbines at the end of January 2023.

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