CSV Normand Cutter

Solstad wins GMG contract for Normand Cutter

Solstad has secured a contract for the CSV Normand Cutter with UK-based subsea engineering firm Global Marine Group (GMG).

Courtesy: Solstad/Ulstein

Commencement of the contract is in March 2021, in direct continuation of current charter with GMG.

Firm duration of the contract is 120 days plus 80 days options thereafter.

In addition, GMG has the option to extend the contract for up to 200 days in 2022. The option is exercisable by August 1 2021.

Global Offshore, part of the GMG, will utilise the Normand Cutter on their cable installation, trenching, maintenance, and repair projects; both within the renewable energy and oil & gas markets.

Mike Daniel, managing director at Global Offshore, said, “We have been utilising the Normand Cutter alongside her sister vessel, the Normand Clipper, at Danish Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm. We’re pleased to be able to agree a contract with Solstad which enables us to continue utilising this versatile vessel on our up and coming 2021 projects.”

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The above mentioned Normand Clipper is also on a long-term GMG charter from Solstad Offshore for up to eight years.

It was fitted with a 4,000-tonne cable carousel, two 15-tonne cable tensioners, a 25-tonne quadrant deployment frame and a fully integrated control system.